Photo taken at West Lake by Fan Wu

I am a PhD student at the University of California San Diego, advised by Prof. Tzu-Mao Li. My research focuses on computer graphics, programming languages and compilers. I graduated from Zhejiang University in 2020, where I worked with Prof. Hongzhi Wu on intelligent material and geometry acquisition. I worked remotely with Prof. Lingqi Yan on rendering and Dr. Yuanming Hu on graphics programming languages and compilers during my gap year.

I love open-source. I help maintain the mypyc compiler after I did a Google Summer of Code with the organization. I also contribute to taichi.


QuanTaichi: A Compiler for Quantized Simulations [pdf][bibtex][page]
Yuanming Hu, Jiafeng Liu, Xuanda Yang, Mingkuan Xu, Ye Kuang, Weiwei Xu, Qiang Dai, William T. Freeman, Fredo Durand


Alibaba Cloud » Platform of AI » Research Intern, worked on internal deep learning compiler.
Mar 2021 - Jul 2021
Zhejiang University » State Key Laboratory of CAD&CG » Research Assistant, worked on material acquisition.
Aug 2018 - Jun 2020